Living in the Pacific Northwest? Visit the JW Merc booth in person!

Jeff is always around visiting local markets with his latest finds. Follow our exploits on Facebook and Twitter to see when we'll be in your area...

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JW Merc brings you great Northwest-based snacks, snack bars (don't forget the delicious Hot Lips Soda!) to the people and places in the beautiful Pacific region we love. You can get updates on JW Merc's in-person sales efforts by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. Or just send us an e-mail! Learn more about Jeff Warren by clicking here.

Scheduled Events in Seattle
The Fremont Sunday Market is gathering steam. And the new Georgetown (South Seattle) Saturday market is right around the corner - but you can order anytime here on

"Sometimes you have to try a new delight in person before you order in bulk online. The booth is a great place to taste what Jeff has added to the inventory."

Questions? Thoughts? Want JW Merc in your neighborhood?
Have questions or are challenged by PayPal? No worries, we accept checks or money orders. If you have a local street market or shopping place that you strongly feel should be carrying our goodies, send us their information an we'll be happy to make arrangements.

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