JW Merc can keep your life stocked with goodies, just ask us how...

Want to know more about JW Merc and all of the possibilities they can offer? Just send us an e-mail. We do fundraising, stock cafeterias, and more. Learn more about Jeff Warren by clicking here.

Fun-Raising and More
We're happy to help with fundraising efforts of all kinds and can help take the edge off of team sports' budget as well. Wholesale pricing has its variables due to shipping costs and potential quantity discounts, so we encourage a telephone call or e-mail (directly to Jeff) in order to better address your specific question or need.

Keep your School (or Work) Cafeteria Stocked With Goodies
Interested in your shelves holding Gorge Delights or Liquid Sunshine bars? Contact JW Merc today and make arrangements for a one-on-one conversation with Jeffrey Warren to discuss how to keep your cafeteria filled with organic goodness. E-Mail Jeff today.

"Having healthy snacks keeps my group working better, thinking clearly, and ready for those unexpected adventures that crop up during the day."



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