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Gorge Delights "Just Fruit" all-natural fruit snack bars - now available in both the regular 40 gram size (equal to TWO whole pieces of fruit) and the new 25 gram size (equal to one BIG piece of fruit - great for younger snackers) These deliciously pure fruit snacks are just that - 100% fruit with no fructose syrup, sugars added or any of the usual 'tricks'. They are vegan, kosher, wheat/dairy/nut/gluten-free and packaged in an allergen-free facility. They are created, owned and operated three 3rd generation pear farmers in the Hood River Valley using all northwest fruit! By supporting these fine folks you are keeping the tradition of local farmers and farmlands alive.

The Gorge Delight "Just Fruit" 25 gram fruit snack bars come in six flavors and come EVENLY MIXED in groups of twelve, twenty-four, forty-eight or ninety-six.

Liquid Sunshine - named after our famous weather here in the great northwest!- this is the most decadent one of the bunch: Espresso coffee, chocolate, organic walnuts etc. A hint of ginger sneaks in behind the chocolate - a don't miss item!

Fruity Nut Evolution - The most fundamental taste of the four Paley Bars, but SO delicious nonetheless! - figs, cranberries, hazelnuts, oats etc. Wheat free and dairy free Jam'n Peanuts - Think top shelf peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich in bar form - made for kids (of ALL ages!)

Backcountry Bar comes in weighing at 3.9 oz. - yes, almost a quarter-pound! This is a flourless oat bar with flax, sesame and pumpkin seeds, peanut butter, mixed fruit and nuts. Think trail mix in bar form - without any flour or white sugar! ! The "EGC" as we call it, and the "BC" By the each the bars cost $2.25, but we sell three for $6.00. These freeze very well and once thawed can go 4-6 weeks easily Share one with a friend, try them crumbled up over yogurt - or toss a scoop of over the top after a quick warm-up in the microwave! Evonuk Farms raw hazelnuts (half or full pound!) ndations for wholesale/non-profit/fundraising opportunities or events where we might fit in!



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